Your Staff won’t use your Solution if you don’t show them how


Buying an ERP solution without consulting your staff is like air-dropping iPhones to the Sentinelese. Your intentions may well be good, but you can’t really expect anything useful to come of it.

Beyond the strategy meetings at board level, you need all of your troops on the ground to be able to leverage every feature and functionality, exactly when they need them. And by doing this, you’ll get them performing better than a post-op Tiger Woods.

The final piece of the puzzle is having an implementation partner who can tell you about all of the stuff you need to know which will allow you to make major gains.

The decision

Getting a solution which aligns with your business’s corporate strategy is obviously important. At the end of the day, in order to instigate change, you’re going to have to convince the bigwigs that your decision will improve organisational performance in a cost-effective way.

But in order to get everyone firing on all cylinders, your staff need to know exactly why you’re doing this and how it’s going to impact them. By involving them in the process of implementation and outlining the benefits of a new solution, you’re much likelier to get the desired results.

For example, by unchaining your staff from their desktops and allowing them to work from home via the cloud, staff can improve their productivity away from the office. Instead of asking every Tom, Dick and Harry where the quarterly sales reports are, they can simply access the most up-to-date document through their new ERP. Instead of constantly navigating through different systems, they can access all of the data they need in a centralised location. And if you tell them this from the outset, you’re onto a winner.

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The solution

Once you’ve communicated that the new software is going to make your staff’s lives easier, you need to actually deliver on that. Their demands, like your business’s, are always evolving, which means they need regularly updated functionalities and plenty of integrations. The challenge is staying in the loop with each and every update that is relevant to your business.

A modern, cloud-based solution like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, for example, is subject to constant updates in addition to major product releases and enhancements every Spring and Autumn. You can’t be expected to know about all of these when you’re trying to run the show – and that’s where an implementation partner comes in.

As a trusted Microsoft Gold Partner, City Dynamics, go beyond just implementing your solution. We work with you to fully optimise your solution to your needs and keep you informed about every update that will empower your staff to deliver more and grow your business.

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