The 3 unmissable Microsoft Dynamics 365 developments from 2019


Microsoft Dynamics is a shining example of agile software. This year in particular has seen a tidal wave of updates flooding our systems – and they won’t be stopping any time soon.

It seems like every time we turn around Satya Nadella has thrown some new capabilities our way, whether they be focused on improving efficiency or optimising collaboration. But in the midst of all this activity it’s hard to know what to pay attention to.

So for every financial director looking to stay ahead of the curve, here’s a list of every unmissable development from 2019.

Say goodbye to NAV, Business Central is booming

This was the year Business Central delivered its knock-out blow to Dynamics NAV. The takeover of its predecessor started slowly in 2018 but with multiple updates and new releases, Business Central now firmly has the heavyweight belt in its trophy cabinet.

It was designed to be a bigger and better replacement for NAV, with all the same functionalities plus some juicy added bonuses. Yet somehow the total integration of ERP and CRM, complete cloud-hosting, and cost-effective updates seemed too good to be true. Die-hard fans of NAV just didn’t believe the hype.

But this has all changed in the past year. Business Central has been increasingly adopted by professional services firms who are favouring the improved user experience, accessibility, integration capabilities and more. The recent release wave 2 update has only provided more reasons to ditch NAV for the new kid on the block.

As the top contender in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 offerings, Business Central is finally getting the attention it deserves. So, to anyone out there still using NAV - what are you waiting for?

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Connectivity is at the heart of the Microsoft Power Platform

This year, Flow got a makeover that would give Miss Congeniality a run for her money.

As part of Microsoft’s push to increase integration across PowerApps, Flow was rebranded to Microsoft Power Automate. And don’t be fooled – it wasn’t just a superficial adjustment; its capabilities have been completely transformed.

Microsoft Power Automate now has the added abilities of Robotic process automation (RPA), delivering automated solutions and eradicating time-consuming or complex manual processes across your business. It's officially an integrated member of the Power Platform team – solving more efficiency and productivity issues than ever before.

And that’s not all. The entire PowerApps collection has been given greater accessibility, better visibility, and improved capabilities. All the Power Platform applications you know and love are now available directly from the Teams platform. Silos have become a distant memory, and data-driven insights are put at the forefront of your business decisions.

So, unlike your average RPA system, Power Automate simplified the integration process by building APU and UI-based automation tasks into a single platform. And with no need for coding experience, automating your workflows has never been so easy.

2020 promises exciting updates

For Microsoft Dynamics Business Central owners, Christmas doesn’t stop in December. There's still a plethora of Project Service Automation (PSA) updates to fill your stockings once the new year rolls in.

The upcoming additions will add a vital string to the bow of any project-based organisations. Dubbed the Comprehensive Project Operations, the upcoming February release will see PSA capabilities and Dynamics 365 Finance come together to create a true, end-to-end project management.

Not only will you benefit from existing tools such as the practice management dashboard and real-time data analytics, but you can do all this with complete visibility over your project budget.

Here’s a taster of all the latest updates coming your way:

  • Split billing for project contracts
  • Not-to-exceed limits for project contracts and quotes
  • Billing and chargeability options for work breakdown structure tasks
  • Retainer support on project contracts
  • Revenue recognition for PSA projects

Find more insights on how the PSA updates will make your life easier here.