The game-changing difference between NAV and Business Central REVEALED


When you’re scrambling for a meal deal at Tesco’s, why do you choose one can of branded coke over the other? They’re essentially the same, but one always edges it.

This analogy is pretty apt to frame any discussion about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. After all, fundamental differences between the two are few and far between. They both help you to streamline your SMB’s operations, be more efficient and effective.

But there is a game-changer; a thing that makes you reach decisively for one and glaze over the other. And we’re about to let you in on the secret.

What is Dynamics NAV?

Dynamics NAV is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that’s been implemented in offices across the globe. It’s designed to help SMBs organise, automate and integrate their processes across sales, purchasing, accounting and more.

NAV is deployed on-premise to assimilate your files, applications, and data for easy integration and improved productivity of your work. It offers vast functionalities to optimise your performance ranging from budget management to CRM integration.

What does Business Central do differently?

Business Central has all of the functionalities NAV provides and more. It jacks up its predecessor by fully integrating ERP and CRM features and hosting everything in the cloud.

Instead of your team being rooted to their desks and reliant on on-premise servers, everything is now fully accessible to you outside of the office. This not only allows you to manage your business from anywhere, but also saves you from falling foul of the hidden costs on-premise solutions spring up.

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Here's a deeper dive into Business Central's capabilities and benefits, which could help to take your business to the next level:

1) Say goodbye to silos with your whole Microsoft Office suite working in tandem, improving data integrity and efficiency across the board.

2) Effortlessly boost your software with regular upgrades included in your SaaS subscription.

3) Achieve complete visibility with automatic data sharing between Microsoft applications and real-time data analysis.

4) Scared of commitment? No problem. Microsoft AppSource lets you test different applications then uninstall them with ease if they don’t suit your needs, helping you personalise your software capabilities.

5) Leave security worries behind you. The cloud is hosted on Azure with reliable compliance, meaning your sensitive data is just as secure as if it was locked away in the company safe.

What does this mean for my business?

Without doubt, Dynamics 365 Business Central gets the nod over Dynamics NAV for professional services firms looking to get the edge over their competitors. Because Business Central is what the touch screen was to the flip phone; the CD to the cassette and the Blu-ray to the DVD.

All in all, Microsoft have improved user experience, accessibility, integration capabilities and more. You can now live your wildest dreams of streamlining your productivity through increased flexibility, solid security, hassle-free updates, and seamless integration, all while you’re in front of the box with your dressing gown on and a glass of vino in hand. What more could you want?

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