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For professional services firms, building trusted relationships is meat and drink. Increasingly, though, only those who deliver outstanding client experiences that last long in the memory are able to survive.

The good news is that any business is capable of achieving this. Organisations large and small are already reaping the rewards of fully-integrated and transparent infrastructures, which promote seamless collaboration, regardless of the time of day or their team’s location.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation (PSA), is one of a myriad of business solutions that is designed to provide this. But see for yourself how PSA goes above and beyond the port of call to ensure smooth client experiences and project delivery by watching this video and reviewing the notes below ↓


Working on a lead

Spencer is a partner at Contoso, a leading consultancy and services organisation. He begins his day by checking his emails. He’s pleased to see an email from Victoria, his primary contact at a key client account.

The email confirms they’d like to meet Spencer to discuss their audit requirements. Directly from Outlook, he views the details held in Dynamics 365 linked to the opportunity.

This includes the estimated revenue, close date and owner. It all shows all recent activities and interactions with Victoria and provides click-to-call capability using Skype for Business.

In preparation for the meeting, Spencer navigates to the opportunity record. This provides a full breakdown of the opportunity, including summary information, an activity log of all communications, plus a list of all key stakeholders and their roles.

Spencer is keen to dig a little bit deeper on the client account. He does this by moving to the single client view. Here, he can immediately gain an insight into firm-wide interactions with his lead. Any items he may have missed are flagged on the timeline.

The intelligent Relationship Assistant further supports Spencer and advises on the next best actions to take. Now he’s prepared, he heads to the meeting and continues working through his Dynamics 365-enabled tablet device.

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Progressing the opportunity

At the meeting, Victoria and her team outline their engagement requirements and confirm their interest in Contoso. Spencer's tablet app provides the same user experience as the desktop, meaning that Spencer remains as productive while out with clients as he is in the office.

He uses the notes section to add a note and then completes the follow-up task linked to the meeting. The meeting concludes and everyone agrees that it was very productive.

Spencer then progresses the opportunity back at the office. To produce an accurate engagement proposal, Spencer needs to collaborate with his colleagues.

He uses the team space within Dynamics 365 to do this. The team space contains all documentation linked to the opportunity and lists all scheduled meetings. Spencer uses the conversation thread to update the team of the meeting outcomes and each group member is notified.

Veronica, the operations manager at Contoso, sees an email from Spencer and begins putting together a plan for the engagement. She uses a template to build the engagement plan and identifies the qualified resources across the business or from within Dynamics 365.

She adds Spencer to the engagement, checks the quotation details and updates Spencer. An accurate proposal can now be shared with the client and, importantly, Contoso can view the profitability of the engagement.

The client accepts the proposal and all Contoso resources booked in the engagement are automatically notified.

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Kicking off the engagement

Spencer kicks off the engagement and upon completion of the task, he updates his time sheet. The flexible time entry capability caters for import from resource bookings and import from his Outlook calendar. He can also use his mobile phone for time and expenses when out of the office.

As soon as time is submitted by the project team and is approved, it becomes work in progress.

Using the flexible billing engine, an invoice is scheduled and sent to the client, or exposed on the client portal. Contract performance is updated in real time in Dynamics 365.

Contoso can analyse management information directly from Dynamics 365, including overall firm performance, engagement profitability and effort against budget, using the real-time interactive dashboard presented in the engagement.

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Sound good?

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