3 annoying problems you can solve with a low-code platform


You rub your eyes at your desk and sigh. You go for a long walk. You skim stones by the river. Anxiety is weighing you down. The heavens open and your emotions get the better of you. You slump to your knees, defeated – just like Willem Dafoe in Platoon. You know it, but you don’t want to accept it. You need a developer to build some custom software.

It’s a painfully simple task that – if only you could complete – would give you and your team a platform to deliver better services and results right now. Alas, you cannot, and the business abyss awaits.

Or does it?

With an array of low-code platforms on the market, businesses like yours are being empowered through digital DIY right now. Here are three aches this functionality can sooth, meaning that you can hit the fast forward button on your business and stop wallowing in self-pity.

1) Hiring developers for minute tasks

The beauty of low-code platforms, including Microsoft’s PowerApps offering, is that they don’t just say they’re user-friendly. Template libraries enable you and your team to build apps that specifically fit your needs. That means you don’t have to brief a developer for an employee engagement survey, keeping more money in your back pocket.

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2) Watching paint dry while you wait on build

You want to start benefitting from the functionalities you need now. That makes waiting on someone else to develop your app – which can become a long and arduous process if you hit bumps in the road – all the more irritating. A typical feature of low-code platforms is a drag and drop interface, which substitutes the more challenging parts of app development and speeds up the entire process.

3) Simply leveraging the data you’ve gathered

There are a lot of programmes out there that can give you the data you might need. But using one that isn’t integrated with your existing suite of software could make for a few long and tedious nights of manual data entry. By contrast, in a platform like PowerApps, you can seamlessly import and export the data you need into the places you need it, like Excel.

Power to the people

Though ‘taking control’ has some questionable connotations in these strange times, low-code platforms allow you to do it in exactly the right way. This allows you to put the time, money and patience they save back into your business, helping you to thrive both now and in the future.

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