How Businesses like yours are nailing it with Project Service Automation


So, you’ve gone as far as you can without joining up your operations and drinking the sweet nectar of automation. You want to report better, use your resources better, improve delivery, billing, productivity and, ultimately, make more money.

To do that, you need a solution that consolidates your existing customer relationships while empowering you to scale and develop new ones. And Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation (PSA) is just the ticket.

Outstanding project experiences

If we’re being honest, the reason your business is growing is because you already deliver outstanding project experiences. Although you might have this down to a tee now, standardising your delivery as you scale is a different challenge entirely.

Dynamics PSA provides an end-to-end system of customer engagement for project sales, resourcing, delivery and billing. With a comprehensive view of every nook and cranny of your project delivery, you can set and maintain high standards which will continue greasing the wheels of progress.

Sweet, sweet automation

A huge part of delivering quality consistently is making sure that all of the projects in your portfolio are managed properly while staying on track. PSA’s automated functionality captures project-based opportunities while empowering managers to swiftly assess project profitability. Smart tools which track labour rates, generate statements of work and create project contracts are always available to your team.

This really is the rise of the machines – but not in a terrifying, apocalyptic kind of way. As your team leverage project planning tools and templates, they will be able to collaborate more effectively. Sales managers and project managers, for example, will be able to come together to define work, so costs, effort and sales value are clear when final proposals are submitted.

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Beyond collaboration

Everyone “collaborates” in the workplace in the broadest sense of the term. But PSA allows you to go much, much further. With your project teams and customers joined up in countless ways – for example, through office groups, shared and trackable documents as well as deliverables and productivity levels – you can genuinely optimise project delivery.

This is further helped by the fact that resourcing decisions are based on real time insight into consultant availability. With functionalities like this, you can make recommendations to optimise skills for open project roles that team members can see and apply for. You really will get the best person for the job.

Sewing things up

In order to get a successful project over the line, you need to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. When all hands are on deck, you can continue driving projects forward with PSA’s web, office and mobile apps. Through any of these platforms, project managers can review, override and track overruns as well as approving costs with customer billing tools.

And when you’re finally ready to invoice, all of the information you need is in one place. You get uniform tracking of financial events that effect profitability, revenues, accruals and expenses, providing you with a strong basis for reporting, integration and analytics on interactive dashboards. Ultimately, this means that both you and your customers get the fairest and best deal.