Assemble a dream team on every project with Dynamics 365 PSA


You can’t deliver projects on time and on budget with square pegs in round holes. And resourcing the right people with the right skillsets is easier said than done. You need them to be available for the duration if you want to deliver successful and profitable outcomes.

In years gone by, getting the right women and men for the job might’ve come at the cost of some significant string pulling down the line. But with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation (PSA) you don’t need to live in fear of people calling in massive favours. Here’s how you go solo to get a dream team on every project, every time:

Assess your options

You may have worked with some of the key players you want to enlist onto your new project before. If they’re available, then Bob’s your uncle. However, it’s unlikely that this will be the case for everyone you need to resource. Fortunately, PSA has you covered.

In the ‘Book Resources’ tab, you can view the hours required from individuals per week to keep your project on track for completion, as well as their availability. To find more detail about their suitability, all you need to do is hover over their profile. There you’ll find their skills, bill rate and overall cost, amongst other things.

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Delve into the details

Homing in on the best person for the job will require a bit more digging. In PSA you can easily compare two or more resources with similar profiles in order to narrow things down.

If you need a bit of human input, you can always liaise with the resource manager, who is easily contactable within the solution. This will help you to get out of your position between a rock and a hard place and make your final call.

Mull everything over on the go

Big decisions need weighing up and there’s no guarantee your lightbulb moment will come while you’re at your desk. If we’re being honest, it’s most likely to come while you’re out with the dog or picking up a loaf. But with PSA, you can view project dependencies through Microsoft Project, which allows you to retain any brainwaves even if you’re mobile and offline.

Watch the video below to find out more!