Dynamics 365 PSA brings these 3 Things together to deliver Project Excellence


Delivering projects is one thing. But delivering excellence is an entirely different ball game.

In order to take your organisation to the next level, you need a tool that allows you to proactively manage every project. This means being able to leverage real-time data analytics so you can stay on time and on budget. It also means having the power to mitigate risk and take evasive action when things happen that are beyond your control.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation (PSA) provides you with these crucial functionalities and much, much more. Here’s how you can enshrine outstanding customer experiences with PSA and go way beyond just delivering projects...

Practice Management Dashboard

The Practice Management Dashboard provides you with 360-degree visibility into your organisation’s entire book of business. This includes everything from revenue and costs to margins and resource utilisation metrics. It contains several graphs which detail month-by-month financial performance across your projects, including total costs, gross margin, total hours and total sales.

PSA’s advance service analytics and interactive role-based dashboards ultimately allow you to visualise complex data and identify trends. As a result, you can take advantage of business opportunities in real time while optimising your solution offerings.

System charts

Aside from the dashboards, system charts allow you to truly drill down into your project data. For example, you can view progress through "Project by Stage" and measure estimated against actual hours. Similarly, the "Project" form has a "Status" tab that displays charts such as "Cost Performance by Role".

Users also have the ability to create their own personal charts as required. For example, a popular resource utilisation chart provides an overview of all resources, measuring them against the target rate of 75%. Hovering over a record also provides a split by billable, non-billable, internal and not utilised.

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Enhanced reporting

PSA’s Power BI integration has the power to fully jack-up your reporting. Luckily for you, there is a free solution template pack provided by Microsoft available for download.

The reports provided by this pack supercharge the reporting capabilities of the system, harnessing Power BI’s swish interactive graphics and data splicing. Reports include revenue by resource and cost by resource, actuals vs. estimated revenue and gross margins and profitability. Alternatively, you can create your own reports within Power BI without the solution templates.

Finally, SSRS reports that utilise FetchXML queries can be created, deployed and run directly from within your Dynamics 365 organisation.

People, process & technology

The magical power of three brought together by PSA is people, process and technology. As we previously discussed, the solution allows you to optimise your projects by securing the right resources for every job.

With your processes streamlined through PSA’s empowering real-time data, we are brought to the final piece in the puzzle. The technology you can leverage through the entire Dynamics 365 suite, including AI-enabled functionalities will take you on a journey to Terra Nova.

Project excellence will become the norm and customer trust will increase as a result, all as you oversee your team’s optimised collaboration driving revenue and growth.