Dynamics 365 PSA: A step-by-step guide to binning bogus deals AND choosing cash cows


You’ve read the title of this blog and thought: “they’re having me on here”. But the fact that you clicked through means that a significant part of you is hoping that we can deliver the goods – and you’re in luck.

With Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation, you’ll never need to worry about making a bogus deal ever again. See Microsoft’s sage advice below on how you can choose the projects that bring easy money in until the cows come home.



A sales account manager called Molly begins her business day on a personalised sales activity dashboard, focusing on one of her top active opportunities: the assembly line IoT transform pilot.

The opportunity has both project and product-based lines that enable her to have complete visibility into the total value of the deal. This allows her to forecast profitability and prioritise deals effectively.


Molly goes into the quote in process and notices that a project is yet to be assigned to the time and materials pilot implementation phase.

She contacts Spencer, one of her favourite project managers on Skype, and requests him to review the opportunity, including the high-level scope and budget to develop a project proposal.

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Spencer creates a new project for the assembly line IoT pilot implementation using a standard template based on successful learnings from similar projects. This helps him and other project managers start from an optimised work breakdown structure as the basis for a detailed proposal.

He notices an overlap across tasks and can fix the dates by either editing at the line item level or moving the tasks on the Gantt chart.


He reviews the projected schedule-oriented Gantt chart view, verifying that at 132k, this phase of work is well within the 150k customer budget.

The financials-oriented project estimates view helps him to visualise cost, effort and sales value of the work to put forth a credible overall plan.


Next, Spencer needs to ensure that the optimal project team can be assigned to this project. He can generate the proposed project team directly from the WBS where the rules are pre-defined.

It proposes the minimum necessary roles to deliver the project on time.

Et voila!

You've learned how to always pursue the best deals in PSA. Keep an eye out for our regular blogs to find out more about how best to manage your resources with Dynamics 365.

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